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Virtual Reality will save retail

Virtual Reality (VR) is a hot topic in retail at the moment. The technology was the darling of the International CES in Las Vegas this January and Samsung recently made news not with the hardware, but with new stores designed around showcasing the experience of VR.

Last week, Samsung debuted a VR experience at select AT&T stores, where users can try on a Samsung Gear VR by Oculus and take a virtual Carnival Cruise. There’s also a sweepstakes attached so customers can enter to win a real cruise of their own.

VR has a lot of potential, depending on the type of retailer and product category. Home Improvement stores are set to benefit as customers get an opportunity to truly visualize home remodels in a tangible way while sporting goods stores will be able to let shoppers test out athletic gear is something very close to the actual environment it’s meant to be used in. Video game specialists will become early test centers, hosting events and promotions to let users experience the nascent technology.

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