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Taking Stock: L’Occitane strengthens network connectivity for enhanced communication

With over 30 retail branches in Hong Kong and Macau, L’Occitane sees the need to strengthen local network connectivity to support communications and data management needs.

The goal is to establish reliable business communications and data transmission to support its supply chain management and eliminate dead inventory.

NTT Communications’ ICT solution offered a holistic approach to improve data management, sharing and reliability, while speeding up company-wide communication.

NTT’s Hong Kong Data Center assured L’Occitane that its critical data are always in safe hands. Meanwhile, its SecureNet IP-VPN improved company-wide communication.

The wide range of bandwidth options support various types of local access lines and simplified network site management gave L’Occitane  flexibility to meet new market demands.

To download the full report, click on the PDF attachment.

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