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New scanners for retailers minimise checkout time

Honeywell launched on Tuesday a suite of new scanners designed to allow retailers connect with customers and minimise checkout time.

The new Voyager scanners can also speed up loyalty program enrollment and age verification.

Lynn Huang Freeman, head of marketing and strategy, Honeywell Scanning & Mobility Asia-Pacific, said as mobile commerce continues to shape the retail industry and consumer shopping experience from on-line to off-line drives retailers’ transformation, they need the right tools to enable innovative marketing programs.

The new Voyager 1202G provides the same aggressive linear barcode scanning performance as a wired scanner but without the long recharge time, maintenance, or environmental disposal issues associated with traditional batteries.

Meanwhile, the Voyager 1602g pocket 2D Bluetooth scanner packs high performance area-imaging technology into a compact form factor, making it the perfect scanning companion to tablet- based retail POS systems.

For retailers that anticipate the need for area imaging in the future, such as scanning coupons off customers’ smartphone screens, the Voyager 1450g tethered scanner and Voyager 1452g wireless scanner deliver linear barcode scanning out of the box.

Both scanners are available for upgrade at a competitive price to enable PDF and 2D barcode reading at the initial time of purchase or at any point in the future.