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JD’s “Take” technology empowers offline shopping - Retail in Asia

Contemplating buying a new phone? You have probably already extensively researched your options and watched a few product demo videos before even entering the store.

But, what if you did not have to? Enter “Take,” JD’s latest advanced technology, which leverages big data to bring the precision of online shopping offline.

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JD recently introduced “Take” in two JD Retail Experience Shops in Beijing and Shanghai.

With “Take,” when a customer enters a store and picks up a product on display, a video on an attached tablet introducing the product, its features and its specifications will automatically start to play.

If two products are picked up at once, the screen will prompt the customer to choose which of the two products’ video demos he or she wants. Using sensors attached to the devices on display, the technology can track how many times a product has been picked up.

The unique data obtained will directly help improve the offline shopping experience by providing insight into product selection and ideal product placement within stores. It will also optimize marketing and enable JD to more accurately calculate offline conversion rates.

Through its JD Y technology unit, the company is using AI and big data to define the future of retail by providing new smart solutions, both online and offline.

“We are constantly looking for unique ways to use our technology to improve our customers’ experience,” said Cao Xuechao, Director of retail innovation at supply chain R&D for

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JD is the industry leader in using big data to provide online shoppers with customized search results taking into account their unique situations and preferences. In August, the company rolled out JD Retail Experience Shops across China, giving customers a chance to touch and try a range of products, all sourced from

“With ‘Take’ and other advanced technologies, we’ll be able to better understand what our customers want when they shop offline,” said Zhang Bing, Head of Retail Innovation at JD Electronics. “We can then deliver that to them in store with the same precision they’re used to when they shop online.”

(Source: JD)