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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW with I-Display : The Advertag to enhance customer experience

Founded in 2014, I-Display is a start-up focusing on innovation in the areas of Display Technology, Consumer Electronics and Retail Technology, supported by The University of Science and Technology Institute and Hong Kong SAR.

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In 2017, I-Display was awarded with the Business Achiever Award 2017, and since then retailers have been exploring opportunities to integrate its solutions to enhance in-store experience.

I-Display is the result of the collaborative work of academic researchers within the field of engineering and technology in both software and hardware along with a wide and well-developed network of design houses and manufacturers in HK.

The Advertag, company’s leading product, is the latest Electronic Smart Label system available in the market. With its full color LCD display, the electronic price label provides vivid images and product photos catching customers’ attention. More than a simple price tag, Advertag combines both advertisement and price label.

I-Display’s unique solution brings a whole new advertisement channel to retailers making it the best solution on the market. Indeed, added to the revenue brought by advertisement placements, the Advertag has a wifi connection making its installation a simple and inexpensive one.

I-Display strives to satisfy its clients and their customers with tailor-based solution. Moreover, I-Display is very attentive to customers’ feedback, therefore, its technology is on a continuously evolving as data collected are analyzed to improve the technology behind it and adjust to the evolving customers’ needs.

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Retail in Asia has met the Co-Founders Dr. Michael Lee (CEO), Dr. Ken Tseng (CTO), Mr. Ronald Ching (CMO) to know more about I-Display and their new projects. Indeed, they are currently working on building a smart shelf which will, to say the least, measure inventory and gather significant customer data analysis.