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EXCLUSIVE: Devialet is expanding in Asia

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Nowadays, new technologies and innovations enable consumers to improve their lifestyle. In the domain of audio, it allows music to be more accessible, while delivering a better quality of sound. It is through this vision that Devialet operates in the industry.

Devialet is a French tech start up and innovator in breakthrough sound technology. The brand invented proprietary technologies to deliver the highest sound quality including ADH (Analog Digital Hybrid) Intelligence. This invention enables hybridization between the preciseness of analogue sound and the power of digital to produce a sound with the upmost clarity without any saturation or distortion. This innovation constitutes a major milestone in the history of the audio industry. Founded in 2007 by three French co-founders, Devialet quickly imposed itself in the audio market as a high-tech innovative brand. Indeed, its disruptive technology is combined with an iconic design to offer desirability and uniqueness.

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Two lines are available on the market at the moment. The Expert Pro range, introduced in 2010, features the best performance amplifier systems for audiophiles regardless of the price and size. In parallel, the Phantom – a high performance wireless speaker featuring Devialet’s proprietary technology has been available since 2015. Phantom is the pinnacle of high-end audio devices, delivering a revolutionary acoustical experience that has zero distortion, saturation or background noise. The Phantom is available in three different specifications: Phantom (750W, 99dB), Silver Phantom (3000W, 105dB) and Gold Phantom (4500W, 108dB).

Devialet Private Lounge at Lee Garden One, Causeway Bay_10 - Retail in Asia
Devialet Private Lounge at Lee Garden One, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

As Julien Bergère, General Manager of Devialet Asia Pacific tells us, it is hard to identify a specific profile of consumer. He justifies his opinion by stating that “music is universal” and customers need to “experience the power of Devialet sound for themselves”. To Julien, it’s “always interesting to welcome a customer whose intention is to purchase a Bluetooth audio system retailing at 300USD for example, who then ends up purchasing our Phantom which starts at just over 2,000USD”. In order to create such opportunities, Devialet is working on further developing its brand awareness and securing high visibility and high traffic premium retail locations. In this way, the brand can deliver an intense audio experience that potential customers will remember.


In addition to its strategic locations, Devialet also places great emphasis on its store design to enhance the customer’s experience. All of the boutiques have at least one sealed listening room where customers can enjoy sound demos from the Phantom range. This original retail concept allows the brand to share the Devialet difference with potential customers and in the case of the Harbour City store with two listening rooms – multiple clients can enjoy a private demo at the same time. According to Julien Bergère, this is the “key to discovering the power of Devialet sound”. This concept was first introduced in Hong Kong in 2016. An immersive room (a Devialet pop-up concept) was installed in Pacific Place for local customers to experience the Phantom.


Devialet Immersive Room (pop up) at Taipei 101_3 - Retail in Asia
Devialet Immersive Room Devialet Immersive Room (pop up) at Taipei 101, Taiwan

Moreover, this pop-up triggered the beginning of Devialet’s retail expansion in Asia. The first flagship store opened in January 2017 in Hong Kong’s IFC mall, followed by the opening of a second store in Harbour City on June 22nd 2017. A Devialet immersive room will also open in Festival Walk in July. Elsewhere in Asia, a Devialet immersive room launched in Taipei on 1st June and the brand will open two stores in Singapore in July to accelerate its expansion in the region.

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This consequent growth comes with the Devialet’s will to innovate and share their passion. Julien Bergère mentions the importance of partnerships to enhance the brand’s experience further. As he says, “we are looking for partnerships that speak to our hearts as musicians”. In March of this year, Devialet launched a partnership with the French leather-maker Berluti to create a limited edition leather Cocoon (the Phantom travel bag), which is available in Hong Kong with extremely limited quantities. In parallel, Devialet announced a 10-year partnership with the Paris Opera, which will start in September with a series of collaborations. This includes a Sound Discovery Area inside the Paris Opera, a co-branded product line and an Opera “hors le murs” outside the walls project, offering new way to listen to and experience opera through live-streaming. Again, this illustrates the constant desire to innovate and improve consumer’s lifestyles and elevate the listening experience.