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Gmarket to serve as a “marketing tool”


Gmarket’s English and Chinese versions of its Global Shop, operated by eBay, is seeking to serve as a stepping stone for promising small- and medium-size firms aiming at entering the global market by teaming them up with relevant social media influencers from around the world.

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The e-commerce platform has identified local brands that want to collaborate with influencers, riding the global trend of a contactless culture in the post-coronavirus period.

Based on its 20-year experience, Gmarket Global Shop is working with various social media stars around the world to sell Korean products that global customers are developing a taste for.

Korean companies will not only benefit from exposing their products via international influencers’ social media content but with purchasing power that leads to actual sales as Gmarket helps them develop loyal customers.

Local cosmetics brand JAYJUN is the epitome of success after its collaboration with Gmarket. Global Shop has been introducing its “Beauty Box” promotion targeting female customers in Asia and has garnered an explosive response in Thailand and Taiwan.

Beauty Box is a package containing items from different cosmetics brands. Gmarket Global Shop sent the packages to popular YouTuber influencers so that they would make content featuring the products on their channels.

Unlike other forms of advertising that are prone to be ignored, customers tend to open their wallets more comfortably after watching videos shared by their favorite YouTubers who give honest feedback on the pros and cons of the items reviewed. This can now be seen in the rise in sales of local cosmetics brands’ products.

Gmarket’s targeting strategy is attributed largely to leading Beauty Box to direct product purchases.

For example, it utilized data collected on loyal customers in Southeast Asia to select their favorite influencers and cosmetics items.

In Thailand, where beauty standards lean toward pale white skin, Gmarket selected JAYJUN’s moisture and brightening products and sent it to local YouTuber “Soundtiss ST” for review.

Soundtiss St has over 720,000 YouTube followers, and many left positive feedback on her review of JAYJUN’s items.

In Taiwan, Gmarket focused on selecting travel kit items that will be advertised by Taiwanese YouTubers who review travel items.

It also held a “JAYJUN Brand Week” promotion as part of efforts to increase synergy with its related influencers.

Thanks to YouTubers’ review videos from all around the world, which featured various discount e-coupons, sales of JAYJUN cosmetics in Gmarket’s Global Shop increased nearly 280 percent in February compared to last year.

Even though the COVID-19 pandemic is causing delays in product deliveries, JAYJUN is continuing to increase its sales.

The company’s official Facebook and Instagam channels have more than 8 million and 60,000 subscribers, respectively.

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The e-commerce firm offered free gift events including new products from JAYJUN on its social media channels for the purpose of also promoting unknown brands and increasing their popularity abroad.