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Clinique introduces its first NFT


Clinique, the dermatologist-developed beauty brand, is modernising its consumer experiences and establishing a new presence in the metaverse with the launch of the brand’s first digital collectible represented by a limited edition non-fungible token, or NFT.

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Clinique has created just three editions of its first NFT, called ‘MetaOptimist,’ and is taking a unique approach to the way in which consumers can claim this unique piece of brand heritage. Instead of selling the NFTs, Clinique is giving its Smart Rewards members the chance to receive the NFT, and an assortment of products once a year over the next decade, by asking them to share their stories of optimism and their hopes for the future.

MetaOptimist brings Clinique’s heritage to life. This unique digital embodiment of Clinique’s brand represents the promise of great skin for the future and offers an opportunity to own a limited-edition digital representation of its iconic hero products Moisture Surge 100H and Almost Lipstick Black Honey.

“At Clinique, we are continuously searching for opportunities to innovate and provide consumers with unique, engaging ways to interact with our brand,” said Carolyn Dawkins, Senior Vice President of Clinique Global Online, Consumer Engagement & Product Marketing.

“In the world of NFTs, brand authenticity and consumer excitement are critical, and we think our approach really delivers. These NFTs are a uniquely contemporary way to celebrate loyalty and put our consumers in the driver’s seat, with storytelling and engagement at its core. Today’s launch is just the beginning of Clinique’s journey in the metaverse as we continue to identify ways to meet consumers where they are through modern omnichannel experiences,” continued Dawkins.

The first stage of Clinique’s digital collectible experience leverages Polygon, an interoperable scaling solution for Ethereum, which consumes a fraction of the electricity of other blockchains. Clinique will take an innovative approach to digital collectibles, prioritising engagement, entertainment and accessibility for everyday fans and experienced NFT collectors alike. Through a community-based approach and an intuitive user interface, Clinique will leverage the solution’s NFT marketplace to integrate authentic, interconnected, real-time experiences into its long-term consumer engagement and marketing strategies.

“As consumers continue to experiment with digital ownership and digital communities, ELC will keep advancing what is possible for our brands. ELC IT has partnered with Clinique to lead us into the future, unleashing a journey to drive loyalty and engagement in a variety of new ways,” said Estée Lauder Companies (ELC) Chief Information Officer Michael W. Smith.

The MetaOptimist campaign encourages Clinique Smart Rewards members to share stories that answer the question, “how do you bring hope and optimism to the people around you, and who brings a smile to your face?” in their own words. The brand is giving Smart Rewards members until 2nd November, 2021 to enter a contest on one of three social media platforms: Instagram, TikTok, or Twitter. Clinique judges will use a standardised set of criteria to determine the three most inspiring entries.

The three winning Smart Reward members will each be awarded with Clinique’s first limited-edition NFT, early access to Black Honey Almost Lipstick physical product when it is back in stock and the opportunity to receive an assortment of Clinique products once a year for the next decade.

Clinique tapped Cathy Hackl, CEO of the Futures Intelligence Group, to help co-develop the strategy for Clinique’s first unique NFT drop. Clinique is the first brand in the Estée Lauder Companies portfolio to launch NFTs, and the initiative reflects the company’s leading commitment to blockchain technologies and its desire to meet its consumers where they are. After the winners are selected, the winners will be provided a link to a redemption page for the NFT.

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NTFs will be sent to the winners’ digital wallets following confirmation by Clinique that the winner has accepted the terms and conditions for the MetaOptimist digital collectible and NFT provided on the redemption page. Clinique has confirmed that it will continue to prioritise modernising engaging consumer experiences in the metaverse in the future.