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5 ways to improve the e-commerce shopping experience


The fact that the e-commerce industry has been steadily growing is nothing new in the world of the Internet. A study says that Southeast Asia’s e-commerce market is to surpass US$25 billion by 2020.

Because there is so much competition, consumers want a pain-free shopping experience that will match their in-person shopping expectations. These five ways will prevent customer frustration from the start by providing an optimal e-commerce shopping experience:

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1) Optimise your website for a fast sale

Be sure your e-commerce site loads extremely quickly across a variety of mobile devices including tablets and desktops. Because your customers don’t have time, patience or even extra data usage. Pay also attention to new technologies that can improve your platform.

2) Make the checkout process super simple

Provide a small visual letting your customers what stage they are in the checkout process.  Just like an in-person shopping experience where the customer knows to proceed to a check-out counter, provide a small visual letting your customers know the stage of the check-out process.

3) Maintain a strong visual appeal

Choose visuals that compliment your text. Images and videos are paramount in engaging an audience. The wrong visuals or irrelevant texts draw attention away from the valuable content and links you want your customers to pay attention to.

4) Provide live chat support

Installing live chat software can significantly increase conversion rates and appeal to the customers’ need for answers in real time so they can ask relevant questions about products without having to wait for an email response or pick up a phone.

5) Offer free shipping

Because customers don’t have the ability to interact, see, try and touch the products like they would in a real store, providing free shipping will win the hearts of your customers over and over providing you can absorb the cost.

More than ever, it has become easier than ever for small business and companies to improve the way they communicate and serve customers from all over the world. The key is staying abreast of the technologies that will allow you to optimize the e-commerce shopping experience.

(Source: Huffington Post)

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