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EXCLUSIVE : The Artist House, Hong Kong’s newest lifestyle hub

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Retail Mixer goes experiential at the Hong Kong’s newest lifestyle hub. Discover the new The Artist House and why it epitomizes retail experience.

The premium segment of the beer industry is gaining tremendous interest across Asia with double digit annual growth thanks to urbanization and rise in disposable income, translating into a shift in consumer demand towards premium beers and unique consumer experiences.

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Catching momentum, in 2015, Olivier Gilson and Benjamin Cox, two cousins with a strong entrepreneurial, operational and financial expertise, launched The Artist, a premium craft beer company.

The Artist has brought to Hong Kong a unique craft beer brewed in the main barn of a 14th century farm (1343) in the South of Belgium by a Belgian Master Brewer who was one of few brewers in the world to traditionally brew beer in an abbey alongside monks.

Belgian style beers are recognized worldwide as symbol of quality and authenticity, and The Artist’s mission is to engage beer appreciators in a journey into the brewing tradition.

Since 2015, The Artist been has been delighting craftsmen and women’s palates with a collection of craft beer including Blonde, IPA, White and Raspberry available in high-end F&B concepts in HK, corporate events, and launching parties, its own .com with customization options, and through a wholesale distribution in selected point of sales.

In March 2018, Oliver and Benjamin embarked into a new adventure. They created The Artist House, a physical extension of 14th century farm (1343) in the South of Belgium, where the beer is brewed.

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Source : The Artist House

The Artist House finds its home in Fashion Walk, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong. The softly-lit venue has a décor to impress with a stunning combination of light and dark wooden panels consistently echoed throughout the venue.

The Artist House is an educational journey into brewery tradition built on sensorial experiences. The 3,800 sq.ft retail space is designed to bring the visitors into a craft beer world through a series of experiential touchpoints aimed to engage the 5 senses and create a learning experience and a memory as takeaway.

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Source : The Artist House

The Artist House features a 8 meters bar, a coffee corner and a kitchen for the creation of menu for beer pairing. A built-in hydroponic farm is there to grow herbs, spices and edible flowers for beer infusions and craft beer cocktails.

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Source : The Artist House

A micro-brewery to tailor make infused beer, edible perfume bar to pair unique fragrances with craft beers, a 360VR tour of the brewery in Belgium, the chance to personalize beer and gadgets, make The Artist House a unique retail space, which offer customer to take part into the artistic process of brewing beer.

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The Artist House believes that each individual is an artist. In the process of brewing beer, starting from the artisans who brew the beer, the buyers who curate the beers for a specific markets, the visual merchandiser who places them in a display, the bartender serving them, and finally the consumer, they all take part in this creative journey.

Oliver and Benjamin strongly believe that “today’s consumers have the desire to live unique experiences rather than simply purchase goods”. As such, their key pillar is to constantly focus on innovation to offer customers unforgettable experiences.


Join us at The Artist House for our Retail Mixer!

Date : Wednesday 20 June 2018

Time : 6:30pm-8:30pm

Where : The Artist House,  Fashion Walk, 9 Kingston street, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

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