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Starbucks Reserve opens 10th Singapore store in Changi airport

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American coffee house Starbucks has opened its 10th Reserve café in Singapore.

Located inside Singapore’s Changi airport, the 24-hour airport outlet has opened in T3’s public area, in the United Square section.

While patrons will be familiar with Starbucks, Starbucks Reserve is the coffee chain’s more high-end version of a café or coffee bar.

Every year, Starbucks coffee buyers travel to coffee-growing regions to find and purchase some of the world’s finest Arabica coffee beans. Starbucks Reserve then offers these to its customers, which are in limited quantity and only available at select Starbucks Reserve stores and online.

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On the ground, Starbucks Reserve allows customers to ask exactly how they would like their coffee brewed at the bar: Starbuck’s proprietary Clover brewer, the Chemex coffeemaker, the traditional Coffee Press and Pour-overs, mimicking a more boutique coffee house.

While there are several other Reserve outlets in Singapores, the Changi store is the first to feature the interactive Coffee Bar, along with the Black Eagle espresso, and the Nitro Cold Brew, which is served from the tap.

However, Reserve customers can still order normal Starbucks coffee as seen available at the regular stores.

For the last financial quarter ending January 26, Starbucks reported revenues of $5.7 billion, up 6.7% on a year-over-year basis.

Starbucks is a roaster, marketer and retailer of coffee. As of October 2016, the company operated in 75 countries.