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Dior presents Dior Les Parfums in Changi Airport


Dior’s love of perfums is deeply rooted in the south of France. Near Grasse, the cradle of perfumery and land of flowers, Christian Dior nestled his home, La Colle Noire. Inspired by its magnificent graden of fragrance flowers, he felt as much a couturier as a perfumers.

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Grasse is also at the heart of fragrance creation with Les Fontaines Parfumees, Dior’s laboratory. Behind the closed doors of its creation studio, Francois Demachy, in-house perfumer-creator, imagines perfumes that cross time and ignite the senses. A place of expertise, creativity and passion.

Dior perfume
Source: Dior

Close by, in Dior’s exclusive domains, acres of May Rose and Jasmine Grandiflorum are harvested every morning when the sun rises and the flowers start to blossom. These flowers, so dear to Christian Dior, then release their magic and turn into captivating perfumes.

The love of perfume inspired Dior for this spectacular podium, designed as a tribute to fragance ceation, this extraordinary structure is a showcase of a unique savoir-faire, 100% made in Dior and dedicated to total creative freedom.

Dior recreates the magic of its own flower fields for the first time in an airport and exclusively for Changi Airport. The exclusive floral swing allows customers to strike a pose in front of the Rose Centifolia Garden and bring home a souvenir of their Grasse experiences in Changi Airport.

Discover the love and dedication for authentic natural ingredients of the finest quality that Dior captures in its unique and timeless fragrances.

Dior is pleased to reveal its Les Parfums pop-up in Changi Airport, a multi-sensorial journey through its iconic fragrances.

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Held at Shilla Duty Free Terminal 1 of Changi Airport, from June 17th to July 28th, 2019, the Dior Les Pafumes pop-up is dedicated to providing the best of retailtainment via various touchpoints.