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Shake Shack opens store in Daejeon, Korea

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SPC Group opened its 14th Shake Shack restaurant in Korea at Galleria Time World in Daejeon on 20th November.

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It is the third Shake Shack restaurant established outside the capital area after locations in Busan and Daegu.

Time World is Hanwha Galleria’s department store branch with the highest sales record in Daejeon and Chungcheong Province combined. The new restaurant is situated in the east building on the first floor and it can accommodate 147 people.

Time World’s Shake Shack has adopted a “Blooming Garden” concept inspired by magnolias, the city’s official flower. SPC Group collaborated with street artist Junk House to create artwork showing Daejeon’s magnolia in full bloom, establishing a peaceful atmosphere.

The new fast food restaurant will showcase the signature Hanbat Gadeuk Bam menu meal and a new dessert called Daejeon Bam Bam made with Shake Shack’s vanilla custard.

Hanbat Gadeuk is a co-brand of local foods in Daejeon. They receive certification from Daejeon City Hall declaring the safety of the products in their production and distribution stages.

Also, the restaurant will offer exclusive drinks like the Yuja Pure Ale and Brut IPA produced by Daejeon’s local handmade beer brand The Ranch Brewing.

The very first customer to visit the Shake Shack restaurant in Daejeon will be given a special gift pack including a hat, film camera, eco-bag and a laptop. The prizes have all been designed in collaboration with Junk House.

The next 100 customers visiting the restaurant until 1st December will receive face mask straps and sunglasses.

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“The Daejeon location is our third non-capital-area restaurant after Busan and Daegu. We will promote the taste of Shake Shack burgers and the brand’s culture of hospitality in more diverse areas,” a Shake Shack official said.

(Source: Korea Times)

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