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Stella McCartney plots further China expansion

Fashion brand Stella McCartney, which is owned by Kering, eyes further expansion in China as a growing number of luxury consumers in China are now looking for more sophisticated fashion.

Stella McCartney’s CEO and president, Frederick Lukoff, said last year, "I think [China] is ready for a brand like us. I’m not sure it would have been ready four or five years ago. I think the Chinese consumer is gaining in sophistication at an unbelievable pace and that a brand like ours can succeed in China."

Adding to its one freestanding store in Beijing and two stores in Shanghai, the brand will open two more stores in China, reports WWD. Its first store in Chengdu at Daci Temple will open in November. A second Beijing store at the Shin Kong Place is slated for October. Adidas by Stella McCartney opened its first store in Asia this month in Beijing at the World Trade Centre.

(Source: red luxury)