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Lacoste opens a store at Lotte duty free World Tower

Delhi Duty Free posts record daily and monthly sales

Lacoste has bolstered its Asia Pacific presence with the opening of a 38 square meters store at Lotte Duty Free World Tower in Seoul.

The new store reinforces Lacoste’s aim to strengthen and expand its presence in new geographical areas and find new ways of connecting with consumers before, during and after their trips.

Lacoste CEO Asia Pacific & Global Travel Retail Jean-Louis Delamarre said: “We are thrilled to open this store in Lotte Duty Free World Tower.

This opening in partnership with Lotte will allow us to further enhance our presence in Asia.”

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France’s premium casual brand Lacoste has been launching a ‘Life is a beautiful sport’ campaign based on the three values of authenticity, joy and elegance in the branding industry since 2014.

Also in May, Novak Djokovic, world-renowned tennis player, was chosen as a brand new face to represent the brand. Lacoste selected Novak Djokovic as the new face of the brand to inherit the strength and fair play spirit that the brand has pursued since its founding.

The comfortable elegance that Novak Djokovic shows and his unique play fit perfectly with the DNA of the brand, and it is raising expectations.Novak Djokovic has signed a five-year contract with Lacoste and will be active in and out of the court as an icon representing Lacoste’s brand.

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Lacoste was created by René Lacoste in 1933, a tennis legend. Rena Lacoste, famous for his persistent and robust play, has had the nickname of a crocodile, which symbolizes his brand. Meanwhile, as reported, Lotte Duty Free partially reopened the store on 15 January, 193 days after it was forced to close on 26 June 2016, following its unsuccessful 2015 bid to retain its licence.

The 17,334 square meters store is the second-biggest in Asia and the world’s third-largest. The new space is +52 percent bigger than the original 14,011sq m shop. The integrated retail offer connects the new World Tower space with the existing adjacent store in the Avenuel building.