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Emart to open men’s lifestyle store in Starfield

Starfield shopping mall plans to open goyang - Retail in Asia

Emart announced  that it will open a new store specifically targeting male consumers in their 30s and 40s later this month.

The discount chain will open a 113-square-meter (1,216-square-foot) store dedicated to men’s goods in Starfield mall in Goyang, a city just northwest of Seoul.

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The store, named Howdy, will sell men’s fashion, toys and tech devices like drones. It will open on Aug 17th . Howdy will stock various brands and products that appeal to men in this age group, including toys for kidults.

Emart opened the online version of the store in July, uploading products from over 100 brands. “Howdy was planned amid the rise of kidults and male trend setters in their 30s and 40s that show a value-based consumption pattern,” said Jung Yang-oh, Emart’s director for brand strategy.

“In other words, they do not hesitate to open their wallets for items that fit with their values and fields of interest.” Emart operates several stores that specialize in different product categories like electronics store Electro Mart, cosmetics brand SugarCup and No Brand, E-Mart’s in-house brand for household supplies and packaged food.

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Howdy is Emart’s first store targeting a specific demographic rather than a product category. The shop will divide products into five sectors: Tech, Living, Hobby, Style and Grooming.

After purchasing a product through an electronic kiosk, customers will be able to watch the product’s progress on the conveyor belt system.