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Californian Umami Burger opened in Tokyo

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Popular California hamburger restaurant chain Umami Burger opened its first restaurant outside the U.S. in Tokyo last Friday. It opened in the Portofino building in Kita-Aoyama.

Umami Burger, which was founded by Adam Fleischman in Los Angeles in 2009, takes gourmet hamburgers to a whole new level. The word “umami” itself is Japanese, meaning savory (or the fifth taste), and fans have long been waiting for the restaurant to open an outlet in Tokyo.

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There are 24 restaurants in the U.S., and while the Tokyo one has the standard menu favorites such as the signature Umami Burger (1,380 yen), with its shiitake mushrooms, caramelised onions, roasted tomato, parmesan crisp and umami ketchup, the Truffle Burger (1,480 yen), Manly Burger (1,580 yen), Falafel Burger (1,280 yen) and the Royale Burger (1,780 yen), there are some items unique to Japan. One is the Samurai Burger (1,380 yen), served with teriyaki sauce, pate and lotus; and the U-nami Burger (1,280 yen), a white fish fillet burger with tartar sauce.

Sides include sweet potato fries, truffle fries, cheesy tots, Gochujang & Guava short rib sliders, tempura onion rings, Umami caesar and truffled beets.