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Busy week for TUMI’s aficionados in Hong Kong

Busy week in Hong Kong for TUMI's aficionados

On 27 September 2017, TUMI, the leading name in premium travel, business and lifestyle accessories will open a new store at the Elements Mall in Hong Kong with the exclusive debut of an exciting new limited-edition travel case: 19 Degree Aluminum Matte Black with Rose Gold.

Across Victoria Harbour on 23 September, TUMI will also unveil an updated new store concept design for its IFC Mall Boutique.

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The newly renovated space features TUMI’s Madison Concept Store design. Created by award-winning designer and architect Dror Benshetrit, the Madison Concept Store design was made for TUMI’s flagship store at 610 Madison Avenue, New York City in 2013 and has since been rolled out at select locations worldwide.

The newest retail landmark for TUMI in Hong Kong, the new 484 sq ft. TUMI store at the Elements delivers the Madison Concept Store design experience along with a special, exclusive travel collection to celebrate its opening on 27 September.

For one month, the new 19 Degree Aluminum Matte Black with Rose Gold Limited Edition Collection will be available exclusively at the Elements.

A striking combination of timeless and sleek matte black with a contrasting rose gold trim, these eye-catching aluminum cases deliver a playful yet sophisticated look that is sure to attract attention.

As well as standout design, the 19 Degree A luminum Matte Black with Rose Gold seamlessly integrates the intuitive functionality and organizational features that well-traveled Global Citizens have come to expect from TUMI.

Complementing the bold, stylish exterior is an intelligently designed interior that ensures streamlined packing with thoughtful internal dividers and organizational pockets.

Functional features like TUMI’s patented X-Brace 45® telescoping handle system and dual-spinning recessed wheels are also tirelessly engineered
with performance and durability in mind.

The result is a 19 Degree Aluminum collection that both uncomplicates travel and acts as an extension of the traveler’s personal style.

Another appointment for TUMI’s aficionados is 23 September, shoppers at IFC Mall will experience the newly renovated TUMI boutique updated with the Madison Store Concept.

The 622 sq ft. space has been redesigned to highlight TUMI’s best in-class products – travel, men’s and women’s everyday bags, business bags and accessories – through the use of clean lines, light-colored furnishings and custommade shelves.

The store’s new, angled display bays provide a 360° view of the bags while
ensuring they are more accessible to customers.

With highly-polished metal fixtures, walnut-finished wood detailing and a flat-screen video wall sharing TUMI’s Global Citizens videos, the store has a sophisticated feel that invites customers to discover the new Fall 2017 collections.

Perfectly complementing these TUMI fixtures are dramatic new design details integrated throughout the store that further evolve the Madison Concept Store design.

These include mirror polished steel door handles in the shape of the signature TUMI ‘T’ logo and tone-on-tone glass paneling that subtly reproduces the logo in a miniature repeat inside and outside the store.

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Along with clearly separated men’s and women’s collections for easy navigation, the store also spotlights the brand’s small leather goods and accessories, enabling visitors to
appreciate the precise design and engineering that goes into every TUMI piece.

For customers seeking a personalized touch, the IFC Mall store, as well as the new Elements Mall store and other TUMI stores in the city, has a monogramming station where shoppers can customize their purchase on the spot for free.

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