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Asics to open the largest flagship sotre in Busan, Korea

Asics opening a flagship in Busan largest - Retail in Asia

Asics Korea (CEO Kim Jung Hoon) has opened the largest flagship store in Busan, Korea. The store is three stories, and the whole front is made with a full glass, which make customers can see various products in the store from the outside.

Especially, this store is a space where customer can feel the change of “ASICS” first through the change from the tag line “I MOVE ME” newly launched this year.

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This store combines the expertise of “ASICS” for its customers in a relaxed atmosphere, so that consumers can feel free to come in and shop and experience the technology of “ASICS”.

On the first floor, there are running and training products for women and the floor is designed with comfortable and luxurious interior using warm woods to match the consumer’s target.

The second floor is a space for men and has a modern and dynamic interior. We also provided a space where customers can experience ‘Foot ID Service’, a professional foot measurement system.

‘Foot ID Service’ analyzes customer’s foot, height and width in depth by using 8 cameras and laser project installed in the front and rear. After that, tester is attached to customer’s both feet and shooting the motion of running on the treadmill.

Scientific analysis of the degree of leaning and tilting of the feet as well as the shape of the landing when running is recommended to customers with the most optimized products.

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The third floor is made up of a community room, so that the running crew can freely use it. There is also customizing service that can make their item by using print in “Asics” garment on third floor. It’s free service is provided until September 30th.

In the meanwhile, “ASICS” held a ‘Night Run’ event in Busan and Gyeongsang with a running crew on September 2 to celebrate the opening of this store.

This event was a combination of running and after-party events, and it was a meaningful time for the members of ‘SMSB Seoul’, a global running crew of ‘ASICS’, and nine running crews of Busan and Gyeongsang, to gather together and exchange culture with each other.