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The first “Luxury & Leisure” beach lifestyle shopping destination in Asia

Phuket is the biggest and one of the most beautiful island in Thailand. Famous for its magnificent beaches, Central Pattana Plc, Thailand’s largest retail property developer, aims at establishing the city as a full “Beach Lifestyle Destination” comparable to the illustrious French Riviera, Miami, or Hawaii, with the opening of Central Phuket, a world-class luxury flagship mall.

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Developed with a total investment of US$606 million, the complex is set to become “The World’s Must-Visit Destination in Thailand”.

Comprising a shopping center and world-class tourist attractions, Central Phuket promises to fulfill the shopping and lifestyle experience anyone could wish for.

With a selection of global brands and international events launched throughout the year under the concept of “The World Comes to Play”, visiting Central Phuket is meant to fulfill all types of lifestyles and offer customers the opportunity to shop, eat while having fun throughout the day.

Central Phuket consists of two buildings: Floresta and Festival.
While Floresta is focused on tourists and customers who prefer a luxurious lifestyle, shopping for leading brands and visiting world-class attractions; Festival is more turned towards family group-customers looking to enjoy good food, shop and watch movies.

Ms. Wallaya Chirathivat, Deputy CEO of CPN, said “The positioning of Central Phuket is set to be ‘The Magnitude of ‘Luxury & Leisure’ Resort Shopping Destination’, a seamless combination of Luxury and Leisure lifestyle in one place.”

Establishing itself as the country’s landmark, Central Phuket will be holding international events, such as Phuket International Music Festival and Phuket International Countdown 2019, throughout the year.

In addition, visitors will get to experience an exclusive ‘Phuket Menu’ available only at Central Phuket where the shopping center has joined hands with popular restaurants in Phuket in order to promote the reputation of Phuket’s cuisine.

Apart from gastronomy, Central Phuket is also outstanding with several exclusive unique-in-the-world attractions that tourists should not miss: Tales of Thailand – the largest indoor market reflecting Thainess lifestyle from 4 regions, Tribhum – a 3D virtual adventure in the world’s first fantasy walkthrough, which will officially open in November 2018 and Aquaria – Thailand’s newest format of aquarium which will be ready for visitors to experience the wonders of the ocean and the mysteries of the river with over 25,000 creatures in the first quarter of 2019.

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The highlights for the Grand Opening feature first time in Thailand world-class performances, including, ‘Star Catcher’, the innovative live 360-degree immersive theatre performance by the renowned performer from Canada, ‘Creativiva’; international street shows including ‘Bubble on Circus’, performed by artists from Italy and ‘The Balloon Show’, from Japan.

Central Pattana Plc is not done with the complex as they are planning for the the development of an international and regional convention center as well as a world-class hotel according to Ms. Wallaya.