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Prada opens second store in Manila

Prada opens its second store in Manila, Philippines, inside the prestigious “and Casino”. The space covers a total surface area of 105 square metres on a single level and houses the women’s and men’s leather goods and accessories collections.

The façade is defined by a backlit white canvas curtain enclosed in a crystal box, which frames the entrance, the wide light-boxes and the display windows.

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The space is characterized by the signature black-and-white marble chequered flooring, a legacy of Prada identity worldwide, reinterpreted in an original way through geometric- patterned carpeting. The walls, covered with fabric in the shades of green, are graced by the classic Prada display niches.

Steel and glass countertops with brightly colored displays and Osvaldo Borsani’s green velvet chairs, reproduced exclusively for Prada, enrich the atmosphere.

(Source: CPP Luxury)