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POLINA ELVIDO, an Italian high-end fashion accessory brand famous for its exquisite hand-made enamel craftsmanship, opened a flagship store on on 26th November, making JD the first and only e-commerce platform to partner with POLINA ELVIDO in China.

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JD will offer the brand’s best-selling accessory collections such as the leopard series, the horse series, the key series, and the ocean series. JD, which is well-known for its high net worth users and a guarantee of authenticity, are a tight match with POLINA ELVIDO’s consumers, who attach great importance to quality.

“POLINA ELVIDO is a great addition to our accessory category. JD will also leverage its e commerce capabilities to help it explore the Chinese market,” said Kevin Jiang, president of International Business at JD Fashion and Lifestyle.

JD has become one of the destinations for Chinese consumers to buy luxury products, a development that has been reflected by its sales performance during this year’s Singles Day Grand Promotion.

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From 1st – 11th November, sales of JD luxury products increased by more than 100% year-on-year. The number of consumers making their first luxury purchase on JD increased 279% year-on-year, and Generation Z consumers entering the world of JD Luxury increased 200% year-on-year. Sales of the accessory category alone increased by 213% year-on-year on November 1st.