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PITANIUM opens pop-up store at Harbour City


Hong Kong beauty brand PITANIUM opened a pop-up store at Harbour City with a series of hair and “makeup care” products.

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A combination of “pink”and “titanium”, “PITANIUM” is an expression of “different”, as the brand says, “everything is fancy in pink but resistant to corrosion just like titanium”. To PITANIUM, there is no boundary in age and colour tone.

PITANIUM is determined to produce ‘skin-supplements’ instead of just ‘skin-care’. The beauty brand does not only take care of the customer’s skin condition, but also user experience, and to tackle every single problem, from top to bottom. To create innovative products of the highest quality and efficacy, the brand sources ingredients from suppliers across the globe.

The pop-up store offers free Pi-Analyse scalp analysis, which zooms in 600 times to examine the scalp and hair to help understand all kinds of problems visitors may have, including hair loss, excess of hair oil, smell, itchiness, head sores and allergy. After the analysis, visitors will receive a Pitanium Scalp recovery kit, which helps recover and revive scalp to the best state.

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Developed with professional Japanese hair growing formula, PITANIUM’s hair & scalp care products effectively penetrate the hair and hair follicle, and therefore create and maintain a perfect growing environment for the hair and scalp.