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Paris Baguette debuts at Northpoint City in Singapore

Paris Baguette

Paris Baguette, a South Korean bakery chain store, opened its first store in the northern heart lands of Singapore at Northpoint City on 3rd November 2020.

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Spanning over 1,600 square feet, the newest outlet offers a kids’ menu, a range of ice cream delights and limited-edition merchandise–all exclusive to Paris Baguette Northpoint City.

PB Danish Pastries
Source: Paris Baguette

Spotting Paris Baguette’s signature navy blue and gold colour palette, the new contemporary outlet features comfortable, plush seating and is bathed in warm light to exude a pleasant, cosy ambience.

At the entrance, customers are greeted by an extensive display of breads, cakes and desserts, that fills the air with its aroma blended with that of freshly-brewed premium coffee. In addition, there are also sandwiches, salads and hot meals to satiate the appetite at any time of the day.

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“We are happy and excited to expand and open our first Paris Baguette outlet in the northern heartlands of Singapore, despite the pandemic. With this outlet, we want to provide our loyal customers with the refined and elevated experience synonymous with Paris Baguette all around the world. In addition, we hope to also make Paris Baguette Northpoint City the go-to café for families and their kids to enjoy and bond over great food and drinks,” said Ms.Hana Lee, VicePresident of Paris Baguette, South East Asia.