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OPPO opens Super Flagship Store in Thailand

OPPO Super Flagship

OPPO, a global smartphone brand, opens the first ever Super Flagship Store in Thailand, located in the luxury shopping mall, Emquartier, in Bangkok.

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In the store, OPPO adopts latest technology to showcase and deliver product experience interactively with customers, creating a space where customers can experience the harmony of technology meeting culture.

OPPO showcases its passion as a design-forward brand throughout the store by infusing many quintessential elements of Thai culture and architecture, as well as 5G network available for customers to be the first to experience the power of Reno 10x Zoom 5G variant.

This Super Flagship Store also carries a deeper meaning as OPPO chose Thailand as its first ever international market when expanding globally. Today’s grand opening signifies that OPPO is embarking on its new journey on providing the best-in-class products and services to consumers across the Asia Pacific region.

OPPO Super Flagship store
Source: OPPO

The long-awaited flagship store also attracted hundreds of OPPO fans to come here just to celebrate this special moment. Looking ahead, OPPO plans to open 6 more flagship stores in Asia Pacific region by 2020, including Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines and Taiwan.

For the past decade, OPPO successfully established itself as a leading smartphone brand in terms of sales performance and brand awareness in the region. The thriving result comes from strategic partnerships with local carriers and electronic retail chains, comprehensive sales channel network and competitive product portfolio.

Most importantly, OPPO values long-term customer journey by always putting customers in the center of its business. With 52,000+ retail points and 44,000+ sales representatives up to date, OPPO has developed a sales channel network that enables high penetration in every market. Entering a new decade, OPPO is determined to carry on strengthening its sales and service network and also extensively upgrading the overall consumer in-store experience.

“OPPO is now already one of the top players in the region. It is important that we continue to evolve with consumers and the industry in order to stay competitive. The next frontier of our strategy is strengthening the premium experience and continue to innovate consumer experiences both offline and online,” said Jimmy Yi, President of Asia Pacific, OPPO.

With 5G on its way, OPPO visions that smartphones will remain the core of the Internet of Things. New smart devices and smartphones will form an intelligent hardware network with many entry points, bringing users a unified cross-scenario experience.

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OPPO aspires the flagship stores to be a space to create more interaction with consumers and showcase the future OPPO envisions with different IoT, AR, 5G experiences including smart wearables and cloud gaming.