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Olive Young unveils new store experience in Korea

Olive Young unveils new store experience 3

The Olive Young Myeongdong flagship store reopened in December to celebrate the 5th anniversary of its opening, offering customers a unique and personalized shopping experience.

The store presents a different experience on each floor.  The first floor is a specialized space for skin care with the Derma cosmetic specialty corner. Derma Cosmetics is one of the core products of Olive Young, along with Dr. Jart, CNP, Cell Fusion, and Eucerin.

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On the same floor also a space dedicated to fragrances.

Olive Young unveils new store experience
Source : Beauty Nury

The second floor dedicated to colours and style is dominated by a large mirror. Consumers can product freely in front of the mirror, talk to friends in the make-up bar, and compare various brands. Olive Young said that the renewal aimed to enhance customer experience and make them staying.

Another area on the same floor is dedicated to nails with various brands, namely dashing diva, Incoco, Nail’s nail.

Surprisingly, nail polish is not the king product, following the trend Olive Young focuses on the popular nail sticker types  easy to put on.

Olive Young unveils new store experience 2
Source : Beauty Nury

In addition, a key role is played by the so-called “Beauty Advisor”, who helps consumers choosing products. Most of them are fluent in foreign languages, Chinese and Japanese, specifically, and are trained to quickly respond to customers’ requests.

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Olive Young said, “The store is designed based on the trends we found in the data collected from the 5 years of operations of the store. Our aim is to make K-Beauty the mecca for foreign customers as well as the first place to learn about lifestyle trends for domestic customers.”

(Source: Beauty Nury )