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Nespresso opens at Hong Kong’s K11 MUSEA

Nespresso boutique at K11 Musea_1

Nespresso launches a new Boutique located at K11 MUSEA, Hong Kong’s Silicon Valley of Culture at Victoria Dockside that features over 50,000 square feet of green walls.

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In addition to the new retail space opening, Nespresso is reaffirming their commitment to sustainability by unveiling their collaboration with the Nature Discovery Park at K11 MUSEA to offer planting workshops to members of the public.

For visitors to learn more about the Nespresso recycling story and celebrate design, the Nature Discovery Park will also showcase Nespresso’s latest RE:CYCLE bike created in collaboration with Swedish bike brand Vélosophy.

The new 452 square foot Nespresso Boutique marks the fifth retail store in Hong Kong. The space features elements that demonstrate the Nespresso commitment to sustainability, such as table-tops made of used coffee grounds from the Nespresso factory in Switzerland, wood sourced from reforestation programmes, and a capsule recycling collection point where guests can drop off their used capsules.

At the Boutique, guests can shop the full range of Nespresso coffee capsules and a selected range of coffee machines. They can also engage with Nespresso Coffee Specialists to learn more about coffee origins, profiles and taste preferences, and discover new coffee rituals and recipes.

A new set of “Hong Kong Selection” coffee assortment is now available exclusively at the new Boutique to celebrate its opening, featuring five well-loved coffee capsule flavours by Hong Kong consumers.

Made from aluminium, Nespresso capsules are fully and infinitely recyclable – from the aluminium capsules to the coffee grounds within. Once used capsules are collected by Nespresso, the aluminium is separated from the coffee residue.

The aluminium gets re-melted and becomes raw material, while the coffee grounds are repurposed as natural compost to grow plants, fruits and vegetables. Nespresso aims to share their commitment to sustainability by encouraging Club Members to recycle their used capsules and join the movement to more responsible living.

Source: Nespresso

The K11 MUSEA Nature Discovery Park is Hong Kong’s first urban biodiversity museum and sustainability-themed education park. To spread awareness of sustainability and tell the Nespresso recycling story, Nespresso will be collaborating with K11 MUSEA in hosting workshops at the Park where visitors are welcome to participate in urban farming using recycled Nespresso coffee grounds as compost.

Guests will be using pots created in partnership with Bionicraft which are made of used coffee grounds from Nespresso and other food waste. The pots, designed to reduce wastage, are 100% biodegradable in anaerobic environment, where nutrients will be released into the soil.

To showcase the recycling story of the aluminium, a Nespresso RE:CYCLE bike will be displayed at the K11 MUSEA Nature Discovery Park in October. Created in collaboration with Swedish bicycle brand Vélosophy, Nespresso has globally launched a limited quantity of 1,000 stylish city bikes made from recycled aluminium coffee capsules.

A perfect balance of sustainability, style, and innovation, the RE:CYCLE bike is designed to illustrate the potential of recyclable aluminium and to inspire customers to recycle their capsules.

“At Nespresso we aim to not only deliver a gourmet coffee experience, but also a meaningful one from bean to cup, and beyond. We are delighted to open our new Boutique in the world-class retail destination K11 MUSEA, where we celebrate our shared vision towards sustainability, ” said Lai Ching Kok, Country Manager of Nespresso Hong Kong and Macau.

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“We look forward to continuing to inspire our Club Members and the public to be part of our journey to sustainability by encouraging capsule recycling and raising awareness of responsible consumption,” continued Lai Ching Kok.