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Nayuki to open first store in Japan


The first Nayuki store in Japan is scheduled to open on 4th July, bringing local customers its fruit-based cheese teas, as well as its iconic modern teahouse experience widely enjoyed by the young Chinese.

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Sitting inside Dotonbori ZERO GATE, a vibrant and bustling shopping complex in central Osaka, the new outlet invites customers to relax and enjoy some of its award-winning tea drinks and soft-euro bakes within a welcoming and beautifully designed store environment.

“As a brand dedicated to becoming the innovator and promoter of the tea culture, we wish to deliver an exceptional experience for the local residents, one that reflects our passion for creating unique tea-based drinks for tea lovers worldwide,” said Peng Xin, Founder of Nayuki.

The new store covers 200 square meters and creates an inviting space for tea lovers to unwind and sip on its popular drinks which combine traditional and modern elements. The design of the store features special details to match Japan’s modern culture while retaining its classic interior space brightly adorned by the stylish ceiling lightings designed by world-class designers, as well as other creative elements that give a fresh life to the lounge areas.

Nayuki will bring customers in Japan a wide range of tea drinks from its classic delicacy “Supreme Cheese Fruit Tea” to the summer favorites such as cold brew tea series. Expertly handcrafted by the tea baristas trained by the professional Nayuki team, each tea features a rich and unique flavor that is blended with a natural hint of fruity sweetness and lingering floral aroma.

Alongside its cream-topped fruit teas, the store will also bring its exquisite “soft-euro bakes” beloved by the Chinese customers to Japan. Nayuki soft-euro bakes are made based on the baking method of low oil and sugar while delivering well-balanced mouthfeel and nutrition. Customers in Japan can now enjoy Nayuki’s signature “fruit tea and soft euro bread pairing” concept featuring the famous Supreme Cheese Strawberry tea and Strawberry fresh cream bread combo.

The high-quality and efficient supply chain is Nayuki’s secret in delivering premium tea drinks. The company has formed multiple partnerships to establish orchards and tea fields where raw materials are cultivated under strict standards from cultivation to processing. To offer the best taste to customers, Nayuki’s team visit prominent tea-growing regions around the world to select premium tea leaves and fruits.

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“At Nayuki, we are not only producing a product but an all-around experience with which our customers can immerse into the tea culture with new-style tea drinks made possible by the modern techniques and traditional concepts of tea,” Peng Xin explained.

(Source: PR Newswire)