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MUJIcom opens at JD headquarters

In June 2020, Japanese brand MUJI opened a new store, MUJIcom, at JD headquarters in Beijing, providing employees a casual and convenient lifestyle.

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This MUJIcom store not only provides selected products such as daily necessities and food, but also offers lunch boxes, simple meals and a comfortable environment to meet the needs of office workers. The store has implemented IC tags on all products in an effort to be more environmental-friendly.

MUJI BOOKS is also integrated into the store, and provides nearly 4,000 volumes of books on the themes of clothing, food, housing, travel, leisure and nurturing.


In the store, employees can enjoy meals, afternoon tea, as well as business meetings in a casual and relaxing environment. Several self-checkout counters and automatic ticket vending machines help reduce waiting time. The store accepts payment by JD employee ID, a perk for employees.

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JD continues to offer a more joyful working environment for employees. Several popular stores have opened in its headquarters this year, including KFC and popular milk tea brand HEYTEA.