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MOON YUE to open in Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

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Till yesterday, F&B in Hong Kong was seen good results given the lack of outbound travelling. Now, with social distancing measures back in force, things will change. In the past few months, more F&B concepts opened trying to ride on the good results.

Stylish contemporary Cantonese restaurant MOON YUE is newly-opened with spectacular views atop the CUBUS skyscraper in Causeway Bay, Hong Kong.

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Traditional classics with a modern pan-Asian twist are hallmarks of the brand new ‘sky-high’ dining experience on the 28/F of the ‘ice cube’ landmark at 1 Hoi Ping Road.

In a jet-black 2,000 sq ft interior with lavish rose gold touches and dark wood panels, the refined upscale ambience is complimented by an elegant cocktail bar along one entire side of the trend-setting venue.

Among main course signatures requiring advance ordering, eye-catching and insta-worthy MOON YUE Lobster is in two presentations, fried with salted egg yolk, and stir-fried with milk in traditional Shunde-style. Double Boiled Seafood Soup in Whole Watermelon is inspired by seasonal summer fruit, cooked with various premium seafood.

Crispy-skin Fried Chicken in Two Ways is a nostalgic Hong Kong favourite stuffed with fried chicken and fried chicken stuffed with minced shrimp. Braised Winter Melon with Preserved Vegetable in Soy Sauce is a vegetarian version of braised pork with preserved vegetable in soy sauce, replacing pork with winter melon to help reducing heat in hot summer weather.

Seafood options are Fiery Assorted Seafood including scallops, abalone, geoduck, squid and grouper, flamed with cognac on serving for a fiery Insta-worthy visual effect. Another dish, The Duo of Turbot is cooked and presented in two ways, first deep-fried, and secondly stir-fried with asparagus and mushroom.

Among a la carte signature dishes, appetisers include a vegan novelty, Vegan BBQ Pork with Honey Sauce, painstakingly handcrafted from wheat gluten to resemble genuine BBQ pork. Similarly, Typhoon Shelter Style Aubergine with Sakura Shrimp resembles familiar, traditional Typhoon Shelter-style tofu, but is crispy-skin aubergine, dressed with sakura shrimp.

Soup specialties include Fish Maw Pumpkin Soup with Crab Meat and Egg White, popular with ladies, while ‘Buddha Jumps Over the Wall’ is a classic, rich Fujian delicacy incorporating ten premium ingredients including abalone, fish maw, dried mushroom and dried scallops. Soup options extend to Braised Sea Conch with Porcini and Fish Maw, rich and nutritious as a good low-fat source of protein, rich in fibre and collagen, and packed with antioxidants for boosting immunity.

Small Plate options are Sichuan Style Spicy Chicken with Avocado creatively calms spicy flavour with avocado’s creamy texture. Stir-Fried Prawn with Salted Egg Yolk and Wasabi Mayo is a trendy salted egg yolk dish, and Stir-Fried Wagyu Beef Cubes with Wasabi & Gravy Sauce is juicy and umami-rich with a spicy edge of wasabi.

Some rice and noodle dishes from Stewed Pearl Rice with Matsutake Mushroom & Abalone Sauce, are topped with prized abalone, to Steamed Lotus Leaf Rice with Giant Grouper Fish & Chinese Olives.

Finally, dessert specialties are headlined by premium Steamed Milk with Bird’s Nest in Coconut Shell, served in a coconut shell, and super-nourishing Stewed Snow Pear with Osmanthus Sweet Soup, from an entire pear gently stewed in osmanthus for two hours.

Elegant cocktails with an oriental touch crafted by skilled mixologists at the ‘Long Bar’ are another hallmark of MOON YUE.

Seating 45 with standing room for 80 hosting small corporate or private events, the spacious 2,000 sq ft. venue is named “Moon” after the same pronunciation for “yue” Cantonese cuisine and its sky-high location for admiring the moon.

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By day, multiple large glass walls bathe the restaurant in natural light, against the stunning backdrop of neighbouring skyscrapers and Victoria Harbour.