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MESSIKA to open store at Harbour City, Hong Kong


MESSIKA, a French jewelry brand, has officially announced its launch in Hong Kong at Harbour City.

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Best known for its unrivalled passion towards diamonds and savoir-faire, MESSIKA is driven by a desire to design fine diamond jewelry that elevates style and inspires confidence by creating elegant pieces “by a woman, for women” in a youthful and modern approach.

From European fashion capitals including Paris, Barcelona, Geneva and London, MESSIKA boutiques can also be found in Dubai, Beijing, Tokyo and Los Angeles. The Parisian Maison officially opens the doors to its Hong Kong flagship store at Harbour City. At roughly 700 square ft, it is the largest MESSIKA boutique in all of Asia with global hit High Jewelry collection ‘Born-to-be-Wild’ in house.

“The way we decided the next location of regional headquarter depends on the business potentials and growth opportunities of that area. Asia has been a key market to MESSIKA’s long-term development and Hong Kong is always one of the major players in the region. Joining a city which welcomes ground-breaking ideas and is populated with international luxury brands, we see the strategic relevance of extending MESSIKA’s presence in Hong Kong. By introducing our diamond legacy together with our vision in ‘diamond fashion jewelry’, we are confident that MESSIKA will be well-received by the market and be the ladies’ best companion,” says Valérie Messika, Founder and CEO of MESSIKA.

Inherited the passion of diamonds from the key player in the international diamond trade for 40 years, her father, André Messika, Valérie set out to reimagine her family’s diamond legacy with her own brand – simply yet meaningfully named MESSIKA – in 2005 after learning under his wing and the fascinating stories.

Though inspired by her father’s craft, Valerie has become a pioneer in the diamond industry in her own right, and her vision is one that has strongly resonated with women around the world. Since its humble beginnings in Paris, MESSIKA has rapidly expanded its reach to High Jewelry lovers near and far.


Continuing to push the boundaries via imposing contemporary style on a whole new generation searching for modernity, MESSIKA opened its first High Jewelry Atelier in the heart of Paris highlighting the marriage of traditional jewelry-making and technical innovation. Inside the house of excellence, a team of twenty artisans formed a pool of ancestral expertise makes each MESSIKA art comes to life.