Retail in Asia

In Shops opens office in Paris indonesia investment PT Tokopedia news - Retail in Asia, Chinese leading e-commerce company, announced it had opened an office in Paris “to develop its French brand portfolio and ramping up its European presence.”

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Calling the Paris office as “an important milestone,” the Chinese firm said “a French presence will give the company an in-depth understanding of the development ambitions of its French partners, who are looking to access the 266.3 million active Chinese consumers on”

The e-commerce platform added the office was launched a part of “an ambitious agreement” with Business France, the country’s official trade promotion agency, to sell 2 billion euros (2.45 billion U.S. dollars) of French goods to Chinese consumers over the next two years.

The deal also included “the implementation of a “one-stop shop” solution for French brands and retailers to get their products to Chinese consumers quickly and conveniently,” it said.

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According to the statement, Florent Courau was appointed to manage the Paris office. He had various management positions in France and China for 12 years, particularly in the wine and spirits and perfumes and cosmetics departments.(1 euro = 1.226 U.S. dollar)

(Source: Xinhuanet)