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Hermès reopens Fujisaki Department Store in Sendai, Japan

Hermes Tokyo

Hermès announced the inauguration of a renovated and extended space within the Fujisaki Department Store in Sendai on 5th September 2020.

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This reopening marks a new chapter for Hermès in this Northern city of Japan, where it has been present since 2004. As the sole Hermès address in the Miyagi Prefecture of the Tohoku region, this new store will continue to unveil Hermès’ collections and know how through a metamorphosed space.

The exceptional natural environment that helps define Sendai as “The City of Trees” has been embraced by Hermès as its inspiration for the design of this single-story, 144 m2 retail space. The exterior floor-to-ceiling glass façade gives a clear view of the space from the outside, inviting visitors to enter and discover a broader and more dynamic array of the Parisian house’s collections. Featuring copper-coloured steel, the façade also incorporates large windows to host the bespoke displays with which Hermès is synonymous.

Designed by Parisian architecture agency RDAI, the interior has been thoughtfully arranged into two distinct larger, open-plan spaces to welcome customers into a warmer and brighter environment. At the entrance, the floor is decorated with mosaic tiles in subdued Havana- and chocolate-brown hues, complete with iridescent cabochons. The signature Hermès ex-libris motif has also been cast on the floor, inspired by the Faubourg Saint-Honoré flagship store in Paris.

Once past the threshold, visitors discover the women’s silk collections, fragrances and fashion accessories. Leather goods, including the equestrian universe, as well as jewellery and watches are presented in intimate salons demarcated by panels in natural Japanese bamboo. The collections for the home, featuring homeware and tableware, including the new Hermès Passifolia service, complete the displays in this initial area. Customers are also introduced to the women’s ready-to-wear and shoe collections, as well as the men’s universe offering ready-to-wear, silk and shoes. Nestled at the very back is an intimate VIP lounge for enhanced privacy. Both sections invite customers to dive into different atmospheres and interact with the space as a whole. While the entrance area is characterised by mineral, airy and bright accents, the second section creates a more muted atmosphere with carefully selected fabrics and carpets.

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Echoing the annual theme for 2020, Innovation in the making, this new retail space mirrors Hermès’ tribute to the human hand and to the ingenuity of its artisans. This renovated address showcases the house’s craftsmanship and freedom of creation through its exceptional objects and the enhanced experience it offers its customers and new visitors.