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HBX brings THE CONVENI to Hong Kong with a “store-in-store” concept pop-up


HBX, Hypebeast’s online e-commerce destination, brings Japanese prevailing brand THE CONVENI to Hong Kong with a “store-in-store” pop-up. This concept was launched with an exclusive VIP and media preview on 19 July 2019, and the store will be open to the public until 31 July.

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THE CONVENI is a Japanese concept store created by Hiroshi Fujiwara in 2018, inspired by everyday convenience store products and designed with a Japanese aesthetic. The result is a series of ready-to-go fashion and lifestyle products, packaged to parody authentic grocery items stocked in every convenience store in Japan.

There is a series of previously sold-out items, including the most sought-out “the fruits of the loom” tee, raincoats, caps, pouches, and stationery, in addition to the HBX exclusive collaboration tee.

Source: Hyperbeast

To manifest its exceptional concept, HBX has curated a “store-in-store” interior space for its pop-up, revealing a careful juxtaposition of both THE CONVENI and HBX’s aesthetics. Customers stepping into the store will find a refined convenience store-themed space that showcases THE CONVENI’s collection in refrigerators and on market racks. The experience elevates inside HBX’s “real’ retail space, gradually unveiling layers of visual excitement as well as a brand-new shopping experience.

Source: Hyperbeast

THE CONVENI team is delighted to collaborate with HBX and HYPEBEAST to acknowledge their influential status in the fashion industry. The team claimed that the Hong Kong pop-up store features a design concept that originated from the big fridge in Fujiwara’s “retaW” store in Harajuku, inspired by the refrigerators that display cold drinks in a convenience store.

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Having received positive feedback from the pop-up store in Ginza, the team is now planning to launch more pop-up stores both in Japan and overseas, with Hong Kong as the first step.