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EXCLUSIVE : CLUSE to open first mono-brand kiosk in Asia


The Amsterdam-based watch brand CLUSE, renowned for its timeless sophistication and strong focus on materials, quality, and style, opens its first branded kiosk in Asia Pacific with the leading Asian brand accelerator Bluebell Group.

CLUSE, already popular among Hong Kong millennials after its arrival at kapok and City Chain stores last year, moves into retail expansion and chooses LCX at Habour City to launch its retail concept with the support of Bluebell Group.

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The brand has chosen HK as its gateway to Asia Pacific and also to first launch its jewellery collection with an event hosted by the founder Rudyard Bekker, who brought one of Europe’s most sought-after accessory brands to the city. Retail in Asia met him and asked him to share with our readers the secret about CLUSE fast-track success. Watch the video interview!

Innovative, minimalistic, and affordable, CLUSE rapidly conquered millennial women in France first, becoming the bestseller among lifestyle brands, and Europe later, to quickly become DW‘s first competitor.

As an online fanatic, Rudyard sees the importance of engaging storytelling for brands in today’s rapidly changing media landscape.

CLUSE eventCLUSE has been building the brand with a big focus on influencer and online marketing. It was discovered early by fashion bloggers like Sincerely Jules, Veronica Ferraro and Negin Mirsalehi.

Proven successful, CLUSE has gained 882,000 followers on Instagram over the years; with a social media team of  people working in its Amsterdam headquarters, on its analysis, strategy and execution.

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Today, not only CLUSE has built a strong brand identity and unique design concept, but differently from its competitors it keeps refreshing its collections to provide its customers with more diversity. CLUSE watch is characterized by the use of materials such as pearl and marbles and the versatile straps available in different themes. The new store offers a wide selections of bestsellers and new collections.

The new store will be unveiled 1 March 2018. It is the first branded kiosk in Asia Pacific and it showcases the retail concept of the brand, designed by the in-house team based in Amsterdam and HK. A 360 degree retail space that encapsulates the sophisticate CLUSE soul.