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EXCLUSIVE : A new Italian sartorial experience launches in Hong Kong

Dal Duca

DAL DUCA is an Italian tailoring that creates made-to-measure, hand sewed suits following the Italian traditions with a unique and distinctive touch. The showroom, recently opened in Hong Kong, is a warm, elegant and refined ambient that welcomes guests to feel at home.

The idea behind the new DAL DUCA showroom was to create an elegant space where the guests could feel comfortable in a relaxed atmosphere. “Il Salotto”, Italian name for Living Room, has been the main inspiration as DAL DUCA philosophy is to get to know its clients well in order to recognize their needs and the best place to do that is “Il Salotto”.

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The design concept, realized by M2A DESIGN, an Italian design studio based in Hong Kong,  aims to provide a retail space where Dal Duca could reach a sort of  complicity with its guests and at the same time showcase its curation of ready-to-wear creations.

The retail space is divided into two main areas: the first one dedicated to the ready-to-wear collections, and the second one, more intimate, dedicated to tailoring and fitting and resembling more of a living room.

Materials like metal and glass have been used to exhibit the garments. Suspended metal frames have been designed to give a more dynamic character to the space with asymmetric elements and overlapping lines at different heights and thicknesses. The final touch is given by smoked glass shelves to enhance the classy image of the ambiance.

For the surrounding environment, a combination of light shades of gray, wooden floor and textiles gives brightness and a spacious feeling.

Dal Duca celebrated its Grand Opening in December 2017 with the support of the Italian institutions, and in company of loyal customers who have been following the brands from its soft opening, and friends.

Dal Duca 2
Source : Dal Duca

Retail in Asia met the Creative Director of Dal Duca, Marcello Pignatelli, to know more about the retail concept and the plans for expansion in Asia.

RiA : What’s the idea behind Dal Duca retail concept?

Marcello : What we are trying to provide is a one-to-one experience, that’s why Dal Duca works by appointment only. We sit on the sofa, we listen to music, we talk, and talk, in perfect Italian style, we drink coffee, and we get to know each other, we get to know our customers’ wardrobe, and we take them through an authentic Italian sartorial experience.

We focus on uniqueness and we book a maximum 4 appointments per day to devote the right time to our customers.

RiA : As it seems you offer a very specific retail experience. What Dal Duca’s customers are looking for?

Marcello : They want something unique, light, comfortable, easy to wear, and I would say business attire is our core business. Our customers are businessmen, between 26 and 60 years old, who spend most of their time in office, meetings, and social gatherings. They want to be impeccably stylish but feel comfortable and confident in their outfit.

RiA : Why are you different from other menswear stores?

Marcello : We offer a private experience to men, because at the end of the day this is wat they want. No interruptions, and a less time consuming experience.

It is an apartment, they feel at home.

RiA : Besides, the made-to-measure and bespoke tailoring services, how do you reach out to younger customers?

Marcello : new denim collections, shirts, ready-to-wear collections with different cuts, accessories such as ties and phone cases, casual trousers like our best seller the “Pescarolo chinos”.

Also, the great support of the new generation of Italian community who is supportive in wearing Dal Duca and being the first brand ambassadors in Asia, and also actively contributing to the growth of the brand.

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Retail in Asia has recently seen the proliferation of menswear collections from very well established, but also emerging brands, and this seems a trend destined to grow in Asia. It is perhaps the fact that male Asian millennials are more conscious about their look than their parents were, and it is reflected also in sectors such as cosmetics in which demand for skin care and makeup for men is increasing.

We are looking forward to hearing more about Dal Duca’s Asia adventure.