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Espoir enhances customer experience : New concept store “MAKE-UP MARKET”

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Espoir opened new concept store with the theme ‘Market’ in order to provide a new brand experience in Shinsa-dong, Seoul.

Inspired by the European market, the ‘MAKE-UP MARKET’ of Espoir brings a feeling of a colorful  interior to the actual food market.

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The make-up market store is the first self-picking concept store.

Espoir has introduced a self-picking process that allows customers to test and buy their own products through a space configuration that considers the customer’s movement.

Additionally, they provide free stamps, ribbons, etc. in the self-packing zone so that customers can freely wrap their own products when they have finished all their purchases.

There is a tasting zone in the market  so that anyone who visits the store can test the best-selling products of Espoir. There is also a flea market zone on the first floor and the basement floor for best-selling items at special price.

In this concept store, pre-sales promotions that were only offered online will be carried out in the off-line store alone so that customers can experience new more quickly than anyone else.


There are also a variety of exclusive set items available only in ‘MAKE-UP MARKET’ store.  Customers will receive a ‘slim fit air puff’ or a special market sticker on a first-come, first-served basis for customers purchasing from a concept store during February 2018.

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“We hope that customers will be able to experience various aspects of our products through the new concept store of ‘MAKE-UP MARKET’ following the concept store of Hongdae ‘MAKE-UP PUB concept store’, and we will prepare a various event that will provide fun and new products for customers in the future,” company said.

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