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Singapore online fashion retailer teams up with Qlik to launch in-store digital shopping solution

Visual analytics solution provider Qlik said on Wednesday that it has teamed up with Singapore online fashion retailer Inverted Edge and Deloitte Digital, a design and development agency to launch an in-store digital shopping solution which provides customers with a personalized interactive digital shopping experience in store.

Apart from housing quality contemporary luxury apparel, the in-store solution includes a continually changing showcase of photos and stories from customers, shared on social media, about the clothes they wear and their related stories. As a wearer adds a new garment or story, it will appear on the visual display, inspiring others and adding to the excitement of discovering and sharing new looks, bridging fashion and everyday life from posts shared across social media platforms.

"At Inverted Edge we are proponents of Fashion that Matters, or sometimes we call it Slow Fashion. We believe that when you buy something you love, you should wear it and wear it in multiple places and in different ways and across multiple seasons. It’s not disposable, it doesn’t get thrown out after two months; it becomes something that has meaning," said Debra Langley, Chief Executive Officer at Inverted Edge. "As a garment is worn as part of a lifestyle, it takes on a life and emotional quotient all of its own, developing a story between the wearer and the items purchased. We want to develop something that captures these relationships, and from a business standpoint, understand what fuels our shopper’s purchasing decisions."

Inverted Edge wanted to create a meaningful experience across multiple channels, particularly in store, which reflects this point of view, to change the way people shop. They wanted to capture stories that are naturally created when people buy fashion items that are not throw away fast pieces.

Built on Qlik Sense and HTML5 mashups, Inverted Edge’s in-store digital solution taps visualization and storytelling features as well as simple, web standard APIs to deliver an interactive and personalized digital experience for customers. With the uniquely responsive design, it scales simply and naturally from large in-store touchscreen displays, to personal devices such as phones and tablets.

The framework allows Inverted Edge to easily manage and study purchasing data to identify key factors that drive customers’ decisions to purchase high quality items that are designed to be worn for more than a couple of seasons. This enables the company to discover what it is their customers are looking out for and tailor their services to customer needs.

"By transforming dry material such as purchasing data and customer analytics into engaging, informative digital stories and conversations, Qlik is providing Inverted Edge with the ability to tackle real and significant problems that fashion retailers face in brand new ways. In particular, we are enabling them to design fresh means of engaging with the stories we tell about ourselves, and the clothes we wear and aspire to own. It’s a fascinating approach, and a perfect partnership for Qlik," said Donald Farmer, Qlik’s US-based Vice President of Innovation and Design.

The digital experience will later be replicated at Manifesto, Inverted Edge e-commerce partner’s new concept store carrying international contemporary brands in Singapore’s Capitol Piazza development. Focusing on integrating both online and offline initiatives, the two retailers are aligned on their desire to create a new and different retail shopper experience over the next six months.