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In Tech launches Australian Mall in China

Chinese B2C e-commerce giant on Monday launched Australian Mall, a new channel on the company’s JD Worldwide cross-border platform dedicated to selling authentic imported Australian products to customers in China. The company also announced cooperative agreements with Australia Post and Treasury Wine Estates as part of its Australia push.

The company introduced its Australian Mall at an event in Melbourne on Monday hosted by Richard Liu, Founder and CEO of, which also included the participation of Malcolm Turnbull, Australia’s Minister of Communication and Bruce Billson, the country’s Minister for Small Business. Following the recent signing of China-Australia Free Trade Agreement on 17 June, the event also kicked off Authentic Australia Year to promote the e-commerce development between Chinese and Australian enterprises.

"Chinese consumers are increasingly enthusiastic about trying, buying and using products from all over the world, and Australian products like milk and wine have long been big sellers on our platform," said Liu. "Now that our Australian Mall is available, customers can further fulfil their growing interest in fresh Australian foods and high-quality products, secure in the knowledge they are buying through China’s premier trusted source of genuine products."

During the launch event, the company also announced a partnership with Australia Post that will make it easier for companies on JD Worldwide to leverage the postal carrier’s services, including package pick up, overseas warehousing, air and sea transportation, and small package direct mail from Australia to China, among other potential services.

"As a new era of Australian-Chinese trade launches, Australia Post is delighted to be helping Australian brands tap into the potential of China’s growing market through our partnership with one of the most trusted e-commerce companies in China," said Andrew Walduck, EGM, Information, Digital & Technology (and Chief Information Officer) of Australia Post. "We are also pleased to play a leading role in connecting Chinese consumers with fabulous and premium Australian products through"

"We are delighted that our partnership with Australia Post will provide yet another level of ease to Australian brands looking to sell into China," said Liu. "This cooperation makes reaching the Chinese consumer through even easier for Australian exporters."

The new Australian Mall builds on’s successful partnership with Austrade to promote sales of Australian food products and in collaboration with Australian partners like Australia Post and AustCham will offer a wider range of foods including fresh milk, seafood, fresh fruits and other items in high demand among’s customers. Australian Mall will also feature many famous Australian brands and products covering various categories, including healthcare, maternity, baby, personal care, cosmetics, sport and shoes, among others.

As part of its Australian Mall launch, also announced a new agreement with Treasury Wine Estates, one of Australia’s premier wineries. Under the agreement, will begin offering the company’s wines to its more than 100 million active customers.

As it does with its other international channels on JD Worldwide, including its recently launched online country malls that offer authentic products from France, South Korea and Japan, the company will connect Australian suppliers and sellers with international logistics partners, including Australia Post, to help simplify cross-border transactions, thereby allowing customers in China to order and receive the goods they want in a seamless, rapid and worry-free manner.