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How to make mobile shopping more seamless

Retail in Asia Mobile Shopping

Mobile shopping is fun and all, but when you get to the checkout page, the last thing you want to do is fill in tedious forms with your credit card information. So what’s the solution for online retailers hungry for conversions?

Look to Lyst, a fashion e-commerce platform who has partnered with e-commerce payments provider Klarna to make it easier for mobile shoppers.

One feature available to Lyst customers via Klarna is easy checkouts, where all that is needed to make an order is an email and shipping address.

Klarna’s technology also allows customers to pay for the products after delivery, which results in a better shopping experience as the item can be tried on before it is bought.

Credit card information is then stored so that the customer can make additional purchases later without any extra hassle.

Taking away any barriers to a sale will help online retailers drive revenue, as more and more shoppers expect a fully integrated experience while shopping.