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Hong Kong-based fashion retailer Rue Madame launches online store

Hong Kong-based fashion retailer Rue Madame has launched an online store which offers French designer brands and international contemporary brands to consumers, the company said on Friday.

“We believe a unique focus on ‘affordable luxury in Asia’. We were precursor offline with our unique focus and we believe that it is time for us to take this uniqueness to the next level,” said founder of Rue Madame Fashion Group (RMFG), Ariane Zagury.

“We already see a lot of complementarity between online and offline with existing clients contacting the stores to come and try pieces they have seen online, or people who had shopped with us before but don’t live in Hong Kong or Singapore and want to keep shopping,” she added.

The logistic platform of the online store is based in Hong Kong but it delivers across Asia. The fashion retailer is focusing on the launch of the online store in its two core markets – Hong Kong and Singapore – but will start rolling out the e-commerce website in some new markets in the region, according to the founder.

Zagury created the Rue Madame Fashion Group which aims to bring international fashion brands to Asia in 2010. The company launched two Rue Madame concept stores in Hong Kong in the same year and one more in Singapore last year.

In addition to its concept store business, the company also distributes other fashion brands in Asia. It’s the regional partner for the French brand American Vintage and the British Brand Phase Eight and now operating 10 stores in Asia.

With Hong Kong retail sales declining every month for the past year, some retailers are struggling to survive. However, RMFG ended last year with “quite positive” results due to a high level of differentiation of all its brands.

“In this climate, we also believe that small is beautiful. This year, we see the climate becoming harder and harder, so we want to be ready to grasp opportunities while being super careful to the financials of each new project,” said Zagury.

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(Source: Yoko Wang)