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Tan Mujiang opens flagship store in Japan

Tan Mujiang

Tan Mujiang opened a flagship store in Japan on 23rd April. The company now has 7 flagship stores in locations including the USA, Singapore, Canada, Malaysia, Germany, and Japan.

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Tan Mujiang is the sole listed company in wooden comb industry. It has created more than 40 processes to improve its traditional Chinese handcrafts made from natural materials with beautiful shapes, smooth lines, exquisite textures and rich colors.

These handcrafts perfectly integrate traditional culture and modern fashion. Since December 2013, Tan Mujiang has received more than 80 patents, providing supplies to more than 1,200 shops in Mainland China, 3 in Hong Kong, and 1 in Taiwan. The goal is to popularize the brand by operating franchise locations around the world, providing people the best hand-made wooden combs and brushes.

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Tan Mujiang has set up a national general franchising model. The company hopes to expand with more additional franchisees. Tan Mujiang provides self-developing space and comprehensive support including market research, location selection, opening preparation guidance, personnel training, store decoration, marketing demonstration and post-sales service, to ensure the scheduled opening and normal operation as well as the profitability of the store.

(Source: PR Asia)