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Shiseido to open Beauty Square in Japan

Beauty Square

Shiseido Company Limited will open new beauty facility Beauty Square on 18th June, 2020, on the first floor of the WITH HARAJUKU commercial complex in front of Harajuku Station.

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The store concept is “a spot offering experience and communication to discover, enjoy, and share beauty.” In addition to cosmetics sales, the store will offer various services including digital experience-based content and a hair and makeup salon where Shiseido hair and makeup artists produce beauty for visitors.

In Harajuku, where many savvy consumers of cosmetics, fashion, and food gather from Japan and overseas, the store will act as a spot welcoming chiefly young people to discover and experience the fun of beauty and new charm of themselves.

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Furthermore, restaurant and lounge SHISEIDO PARLOUR THE HARAJUKU operated by Shiseido Parlour on the 8th floor of the complex building and hair and makeup academy and studio SABFA on the 2nd floor will open on 16th June and 18th June, respectively.