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MINISO x Marvel IP store opened in Egypt

Miniso x Marvel

On 14th November, 2019, the MINISO x Marvel IP store was opened in Cairo Festival Shopping Center in Egypt.

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Local consumers and loyal Marvel fans from all over the country were waiting to buy before the opening. At 16:00, the store was officially opened. Residents and fans went on a shopping spree in the MINISO x Marvel IP store. Local celebrities and social media influencers also joined the MINISO x Marvel co-branded event.

As the top global IP in 2019, Marvel was well received in the world. MINISO, in collaboration with Disney headquarters, is authorized to develop, produce and sell Marvel co-branded products in more than 120 countries and regions.

Since May 2019, MINISO has launched Marvel co-branded products in more than 20 countries and regions around the world. This time the MINISO x Marvel IP store was successfully set up in Egypt, with more than 300 SUKs. There will be more products launched in the market with even better design and function in the future.

MINISO has developed in the Egyptian market for a long time, with 18 stores opened throughout Egypt. The increasingly perfect “new retail” system ensures the stock of goods can be replenished quickly in Egypt throughout the year, and the local direct production process is mature.

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According to the rigid demand of the Egyptian market, the research, development and marketability of products are at a stable high level. MINISO will continue to enrich SKUs in the future, and help the Egyptian market to develop with its integrated global development supply chain. In addition to the first IP store opened, more MINISO x Marvel IP stores will be available to Egyptian consumers in the coming weeks.

(Source: PR Asia)