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Thailand’s Promenada to feature Chiang Mai’s 1st eco cinema by Major Hollywood

Promenada Resort Mall Chiang Mai, Thailand’s first resort-style shopping mall and regional destination mall, will feature Major Hollywood’s new Eco Cinema concept as part of the mall’s entertainment offering to shoppers.

Major Hollywood’s U Hollywood Eco cinema features green-themed interiors, an artificial grass floor made from recycled carpet, and tickets, popcorn baskets and drinking cups all made from recycled material. In addition to the earth-friendly mantra, Major’s Eco cinema offers everything cinemagoers demand from their edge-of-the-seat cinema experience, and so enjoy internet multiplexing, THX Surround Sound and support for 3D movies. U Hollywood at Promenada Resort Mall Chiang Mai is the first Eco cinema outside of Bangkok.

U Hollywood at Promenada will feature eight auditoria of different sizes, with 1,800 seats in total. There will also be a VIP auditorium where each chair will feature a hard-wired phone for ordering to-the-chair food and drinks without interrupting the viewing experience. The chairs will also be luxuriously sized, with the overall vibe being that of a lavish five-star hotel. Major will be airing all of the big Hollywood blockbusters, along with an excellent choice of regional and national motion pictures.

Tjeert Kwant, President & CEO and shareholder of ECC Real Estate, the developer of Promenada Resort Mall Chiang Mai, said: "We are proud that Promenada’s highly unique resort mall concept has been such a big draw for high-profile tenants, including Rimping Supermarket, Chi Chang Experience Store, Sports World and now, Major Hollywood. This is a brand that is immediately familiar to entertainment lovers in Thailand, and we are very happy to have such a popular marque as a tenant."

Visan, CEO of Major Hollywood Group, said: "The U Hollywood eco cinema concept aligns well with Promenada’s own focus on providing a natural-feeling and environmentally complimentary building. It is particularly poignant and pivotal development for Major Hollywood, as it is the first Major Hollywood facility outside of Bangkok, and one of the country’s first truly Eco cinemas."

Promenada Resort Mall Chiang Mai is set to open late 2012, and it will become Thailand’s first resort-style shopping mall, allowing visitors and shoppers to enjoy a range of outdoor leisure opportunities, outside dining