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Shibuya revitalisation kicks off with Hikarie opening

The high-rise Shibuya Hikarie shopping and entertainment complex next to Tokyo’s Shibuya Station opened on Thursday, kicking off projects to revitalise the area known as a teen fashion mecca.

The 34-floor glass tower with three basement floors boasts nearly 200 shops, 26 eateries, design and art galleries, office floors and a musical theatre with 2,000 seats.

The JPY100 billion Hikarie project replaces the Tokyu Bunkakaikan theatre complex and planetarium, which had operated for about 50 years. More projects to renovate the complicated mazelike structure of Shibuya Station and its surroundings will follow over the next decade. They include the renewal of the 78-year-old Tokyu department store buildings that are incorporated into the station as well as the relocation of Tokyu Corp.’s Shibuya Station underground, which will be connected to the Fukutoshin Metro Line.