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New Shanghai mall to use 3D sound experience on shoppers

Shanghai Putuo District - Retail in Asia
Shanghai's Putuo District.

Forget about elevator music — Shanghai 189 Lane, a new boutique shopping mall opening in Q4 2016 in Putuo District will be using a unique soundtrack of real Shanghai sounds to attract and entertain shoppers.

Located at the intersection of Xikang Road and Changshou Road and conveniently accessed by two metro lines, the first retail real estate project developed and operated by Citic Capital Holdings Ltd in Shanghai hopes to inject a unique experience on visitors as it is poised to introduce the concept of sound into daily mall operations, something untapped before by any of its peers in the country.

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“We are probably the first in China to introduce a hologram or 3D sound system into a retail real estate project, designed to bring ‘vivid’ or ‘touchable’ listening experience to visitors,” said Lu Feng, managing director, Real Estate, Citic Capital.

“Loudspeakers installed all over the mall will be used to deliver sound under various themes that might adapt to different seasons, special festive occasions or bring back some once-familiar local scene from a bygone era.”

A rather small shopping mall by gross floor area space, Lu and his team has come up with a good idea to “connect” the internal space of Shanghai 189 Lane with sound.

Under the company’s plan, different sounds such as classical music, pop songs, poetry reading, chorus and choir, musical instrument playing, beautiful sounds of nature such as the rainforest as well as sounds or voices that are reminiscent of the bygone era in Shanghai will be broadcast to deliver and embrace mall visitors with different and pleasant hearing experiences.

(Source: Shanghai Daily)