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New Eve Lom store in Harbour City, Hong Kong

Eve Lom

The store opening is the culmination of a collaboration between Eve Lom and NY-based creative branding agency, School House, that first began with a refresh of the brand’s positioning.

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Eve Lom was one of the first founder brands in the luxury beauty space; since her entrance more than 30 years ago, the space, much like Hong Kong, has become crowded, causing a shift in the luxury paradigm.

Inspired by the disciplined reductivity and subtlety of Eve Lom, the store concept offers guests a unique luxury beauty experience in the heart of the bustle of Hong Kong’s Harbour City.

To complement its presence in one of the most densely populated and over-saturated cities in the world, the store actively refuses noise, in all senses of the word, with its overall atmosphere built from multiple curvaceous felt panels that seemingly envelope you upon entrance and absorb all chaos from the store’s surroundings.

To bring the space to life, School House’s design team incorporated the new brand visualization using Eve Lom’s traditional color palette of white and gold while incorporating a new soft pink and green tones, inspired by the original balm cleanser coloration, along with the strategic use of a soft black.

School House combined a mix of hard and soft materials such as slate, felt, porcelain and onyx to create an environment of simplicity and depth, to mirror the products being sold. The store is complete with an assisted consultation area, a full-line demo and testers display, and a retractable panel for privacy. The store signals a new era for the brand by making a powerful understatement, like only Eve Lom can.

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Consumers now seek authority, authenticity and simplicity from luxury beauty brands, tenets that Eve Lom has always represented. Noticing this change, School House saw an opportunity to reinvigorate the brand by strongly expressing its subtleties in order to take Eve Lom from the person to a persona through the execution of a strategy across a new brand visualization, including this new store concept.