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Jessica Alba joins ‘A Year of Something New’ campaign at LANDMARK

Jessica Alba

Actress, mother and eco-conscious entrepreneur Jessica Alba is adding her voice to LANDMARK’s latest brand campaign, ‘A Year of Something New’, which this year has been inviting customers to embrace new perspectives and challenge convention.

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The campaign, which launched earlier this year, listens to ‘New Voices’, encourages ‘New Commitments’ and explores ‘New Ideas’ with the aim to enlighten, influence and inspire customers to consider a world of new possibilities, within the context of LANDMARK as the ultimate arbitrator of a refined and sophisticated lifestyle.

“LANDMARK’s ‘A Year of Something New’ campaign has been created to uplift, inspire and engage our customers by stimulating new ways of thinking and offering new experiences through an exploration of innovative ideas and possibilities,” explained Mr. Raymond Chow, Executive Director of Hongkong Land. “During the year, we will be introducing new voices that encourage both healthy and empowered lifestyles, examining the opportunities for more sustainable ways of living, bringing new ideas through discovery and experience in a new retail concept at LANDMARK.”

The campaign includes a special visit to LANDMARK on 1st June by actress, New York Times bestselling author and socially conscious founder of The Honest Company, Jessica Alba. Jessica’s personal and business philosophy is to empower people to live a healthy, happy life. As a busy mother, health advocate and entrepreneur, Jessica will be articulating how we can all empower ourselves and bring about positive change in the world.

New thinking is also discovered through a singular expression of style. Teaching us to ‘Be Bold’, fashion entrepreneur Hilary Tsui is exploring her edgy personal-take on style with attitude. “My definition of style is all about letting individuality shine, channelling your inner muse and dressing to express yourself,” she explains. Hilary is just one of many further voices adding to the conversation at LANDMARK throughout the year.

The campaign also seeks to inspire customers by exploring ideas that contribute to creating a better world through a wide range of initiatives, activities and influential personalities. Amber’s Executive Chef Richard Ekkebus has long strived to inspire diners with sustainable cuisine of Michelin-star quality. Helming the two Michelin-starred Amber restaurant, he is highly conscious of sustainable sourcing and responsible kitchen management practices with the aim of zero waste.

He believes that Amber, as a top Hong Kong restaurant, should also lead in educating and informing the diner. His award-winning menus look to reduce protein and promote the consumption of vegetables as hero ingredients.

Sustainable sourcing of the very finest produce is at the heart of Chef Umberto Bombana’s cooking philosophy at 8½ Otto e Mezzo. Much comes from an isolated mountain farm, where seeds and plant stock are sourced from their regional origins and are grown without fertilizers or compost – just as nature intended.
Produce isn’t grown in large-scale fields but selectively in small ‘micro-gardening’ areas or ‘patches’ cleared without machinery but by mountain goats. “Italian cooking is about using pure and natural products,” says Chef Bombana. “If you work with beautiful ingredients, you create beautiful food. That’s all achieved by getting back to the source – for me the real artist is the farmer.”

Other inspirational culinary initiatives will be explored with LANDMARK’s Michelin-starred chefs throughout the campaign this year.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. For artist William Amor, beauty derives from what we throw away. He raises awareness of respect for the environment through his art – transforming waste plastic materials and its synthetic derivatives into incredible floral creations.

William’s artistic creations provide ornamental flowers for fashion and design campaigns. He will be sharing his artistic talents, along with a special floral showcase this year at LANDMARK ATRIUM.

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