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Jung Saem Mool beauty to open its first flagship store

Jung Saem Mool Beauty opened a flagship store on Boulevard Road in Sinsa dong, Seoul on May 25.

In the three flagship stores, customers can experience brand items on the first floor, and objects inspiring makeup artists on the second floor’s artist room. There is also a cosmetic garden where customer can take a rest. The first basement, which has an exhibition zone, is designed as a space to appreciate new works with drinks through collaboration with artists.

Jung Saem Mool Beauty launched a cosmetics brand two years ago which had no formal offline channels. It was only sold online and in Jung Saem Mool Inspiration, hair & make up shop.

Today, a first offline store is a good opportunity to develop the brand’s philosophy, which is to become a global makeup artist company representing K-Beauty. Also, it allows customers to experience and buy products from ” Jung Saem Mool “.

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Jung Saem Mool is a brand launched under her name. She has been working as a makeup artist for 28 years, and applies all her experience and know-how to the products. It differentiates itself from other brands as it qualifies itself as being a makeup artist brand. “It is our strengths which makes it easy for beginners to put makeup on like an expert,” Jung said.

She uses SNS channels such as Youtube to pass down the make-up know-how to people. She regularly makes makeup tutorials and looks with English subtitles on her YouTube channel; receiving positive responses from overseas customers.

Jung Saem Mool plans to expand distribution through duty-free shops and overseas exports based on this first flagship store.

(Source: Fashion Biz)